You know the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to be rigorous, challenging, and innovative. We are consistently ranked among the best world-class universities with over 150 research centers and institutes, 22 Nobel Prizes and 20 Pulitzer Prizes awarded to alumni or faculty, and too many inventions and innovations to count. We change the world: we change people and we change how they work. Did you know the origins of the web-browser technology you are using at this very moment started in our Computer Science Department?

You'll find that same innovative and demanding environment right here in Chicago in our Executive MBA program. Rich traditions in the sciences, accounting, finance and business administration are brought to you via faculty from Urbana-Champaign -- the same faculty that define one of the best business schools in the U.S., The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Business.

And once you graduate, you'll have access to the largest, most high-powered alumni network of its kind. The College of Business alone has over 20,000 alumni in Chicago and over 55,000 worldwide who graciously welcome Executive MBA graduates into an active network of proud alumni and corporate partners. You'll also be able to participate in Always Illinois, an online community connecting ILLINOIS alumni, students, faculty and staff.

Graduates are encouraged to take advantage of valuable networking opportunities through The Executive MBA Program and participate in the exclusive EMBA Alumni Directory. With over 30 years of proud alumni as your network, you'll be in good company as you venture forth with your MBA degree.

A degree from ILLINOIS is a credential that opens doors. It's a badge of great achievement and incomparable character.