ILLINOIS was an early leader in designing a rigorous program shaped to meet the hectic needs of working executives. Our 19-month program begins in October, with sessions every other weekend. The Program is comprised of twenty courses covering all major disciplines of business study. The courses are organized into ten modules with only two courses running at any moment in time, each lasting about four weekends. This focused format using four days per month (only two business days) maximizes your learning while minimizing disruption to your professional and personal commitments.

You'll take all of your classes with your cohort. This format leads to strong and lasting relationships with your classmates. The Program begins with an extended orientation in early October. You will have one to two residential session in Champaign where you will get to know your home campus in Urbana. Of course, the Program concludes with an extended international trip (currently to China) for the culmination of the global experience and your consulting assignment.

Classes are held at the Illini Center in downtown Chicago. A typical weekend includes morning and afternoon classes on Friday and Saturday. A key part of your learning continues into Friday evening where professors may bring in guest speakers to cover additional examples from class. Some of this time is also devoted to group study time as you prepare for Saturday's classes. Outside speakers affiliated with our Executive Leadership Development Series use this evening time as well. A typical Friday runs to 8:30pm or later, depending on various projects or demands in class.

We provide continental breakfast and lunch on Fridays and Saturdays, dinner on Fridays, and plenty of snacks. You will spend all of your mealtimes together getting to know students and professors in your class and those in the class that will graduate just ahead of or after you. You'll never need to visit a bookstore; we provide all textbooks and course materials a few weeks before your next module begins. You'll find that the Executive MBA is a full-service program thoughtfully designed to allow you to concentrate on learning.

Some prospective students are concerned about missing a class due to work or other conflicts. While one hopes to minimize such events given the pace our program follows, this can and does happen. Our team-based support system is a first line of support to help with these absences. Moreover, we record each class session for playback at a later day to help you recover lost class material. These same tools are, of course, critical learning aids and are used by many students throughout the Program as a normal part of their study routine.

Our schedule balances an innovative, rigorous curriculum with awareness and respect for the competing personal and professional demands your time. And at a relatively short 19 months, we deliver a challenging program within the promotional timeframe of most organizations.

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