Every course in the Executive MBA program will challenge you to think strategically and innovatively about a broad range of critical business issues relevant to the executive.

These aren't standard college classes repackaged for experienced professionals. They're highly tailored modules created specifically for the Executive MBA program. Although courses are differentiated by subject matter, they're tightly bound by principles of leadership, innovative thinking, faculty, and global sensitivity.

Our curriculum is comprised of four essential levels of learning, layered to enable you to build your knowledge.

One: Leadership and business strategy. Nothing is more central to our mission than preparing you for your next leadership role. The first step begins with understanding that innovative leadership depends on strategy, as well as learning key leadership concepts that effective change agents must master.

Two: The complexity of business. Successful CEOs run entire enterprises, not narrow business functions. Your ability to lead depends on your ability to communicate your company's challenges across the organization. Here, we focus on teaching you the diverse "language" critical to working across your organization: accounting, economics, finance, and marketing.

Three : Solution creation. Develop a rich, more robust view of the problems facing businesses today. Delving deeper and broader, Level 3 focuses on cross-functional and enterprise-level problem solving, shaping strategic critical-thinking skills required for innovative leaders.

Four : The capstone global experience. The most comprehensive final exam one might imagine - truly a defining aspect of our Executive MBA. Throughout your second year, you'll work on an international consulting project in which your team will tackle real problems in a real company based overseas, culminating in a presentation to your client abroad.

You and your classmates enter as a cohort and progress through the Program in study teams carefully selected to maximize your learning opportunities. You'll work together, exchange innovative ideas, and share problem-solving methods with fellow corporate executives, mid- to senior-level professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs who share your drive and ambition.