The global business landscape is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. Companies from emerging markets are entering the global market place at an astounding rate forcing our leaders to think ahead. Therefore, in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, it is imperative for firms to develop innovative strategies rather than relying just on the same old strategies that have worked in the past. Future leaders must not only be equipped with global sensitivity but also must possess an intuitive understanding of how to leverage innovative ideas, products, and business models developed in emerging markets and bring them back to the developed world.

At Illinois, we strongly believe in preparing our Executive MBA students to lead their companies in this new global order.

The ILLINOIS approach to international study is unique among Executive MBA programs, and is the most distinctive aspect of the University of Illinois Executive MBA experience. Through our capstone international consulting projects, you'll learn how to think globally and apply what you've learned in class to a real-world business problem.

During the final nine months of the Program, you'll engage in a real-world consulting project for a real global company. After extensive preparation stateside, you'll travel halfway across the globe for your final exam, where you'll present and defend your recommendations to senior executives of your client organization. Your consulting project will provide practical experience applying the knowledge you gained from class. You will be responsible for your performance on your project and the recommendations your team provides. This experience is the perfect capstone to your ILLINOIS learning experience.

The Executive MBA and the ILLINOIS College of Business have long believed in the importance and reality of global enterprise. What once started nearly three decades ago as a tour of businesses in Europe has now evolved into a far more extensive project-based learning experience focusing on one of the fastest growing and most remarkable regions of the world: China.

This hands-on global experience is unique among Executive MBA Programs. You'll represent the University of Illinois to our partner client organizations who expect us to bring our best when approaching their business challenges. To meet this challenge, you'll start working on your project during the second year of your curriculum. Specific tools relating to project management and the consulting experience will appear in your course work, and some Friday evening activities will begin preparing you for this exciting international experience. You'll have the support and resources you'll need to provide value to your client. And at the same time, you'll have an unequaled opportunity to strengthen and expand your knowledge and experience. Most importantly, this experience will prepare you to lead and manage your organization in this new world order with immense confidence.

We're proud of this distinguishing and rewarding aspect of the Program. Practical application can be one of the best ways to learn to think globally and apply the many lessons learned in the classroom. You'll expand your perspective and cement your knowledge by helping an organization, perhaps in an industry far removed from your own, with a specific business challenge. This international trip is not optional; it's structured as a normal course and is a fundamental aspect of our Program. All costs are included in your tuition.

We encourage you to come to an information session or to contact us to set up a visit at the Illini Center to learn more about this unique aspect of our degree.