A degree from Illinois is a credential that opens doors.

Executive MBA graduates of Illinois have access to the largest, most high-powered alumni network of its kind.

Executive MBA alumni often say that one of the best aspects of the Program is the excellent networking. And you're encouraged to take advantage of it. Along with valuable networking opportunities within the Executive MBA program, you'll be eligible to participate in the exclusive Executive MBA Alumni directory.

Of course, you'll also venture forth in your career as a College of Business alum. It boasts over 20,000 alumni in Chicago and over 60,000 worldwide who graciously welcome Executive MBA graduates into an active network of proud alumni and corporate sponsors.

And as a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, you'll have access to over 600,000 alumni. With leaders of Fortune 500 companies and nations (yes, nations) as your fellow alumni, you'll discover that attending Illinois not only provides an incomparable network, but is a badge of great achievement.