Succeeding in today's work environment requires a team effort. Complex corporate decisions require input from all areas of an organization; business leaders must be able to work and communicate with colleagues from diverse departments and backgrounds. Difficult challenges often now have a complexity that requires all types of people to come together to work on a common goal.

At ILLINOIS, teamwork is central to our program philosophy. While many MBA programs tout teamwork, at ILLINOIS it is a crucial part of your learning experience. This starts on your first day of class and continues through to commencement. You and your fellow students enter as a cohort and progress through in small but diverse study teams: working together, exchanging innovative ideas, sharing problem-solving methods, and developing leadership skills.

Your study teams will have four to six people with diverse industry experience and functional expertise to maximize your learning opportunities. This diversity adds to the strength of your learning environment. You and your team members will work together to master the concepts taught in class and each of you will contribute unique expertise as you collaborate on projects and assignments. In the second year as you prepare to start the Global Capstone Experience, teams are reformulated to handle both your course work along with your new consulting assignment. This reformulation allows you another opportunity to define a new set of deep professional relationships and a second experience at learning how to form and drive effective and efficient teams.

While our outstanding faculty set the stage and structure the discussion, much of what will push you in this program will come from exposure to the unique and innovative ideas of your peers. University of Illinois Executive MBA students are executives with a wide variety of educational and career experiences and each has expertise in his or her own discipline.

Make no mistake - if you make the commitment to join the University of Illinois Executive MBA, you'll embark on one of the most demanding experiences of your life. But just like in the business world, you won't undertake this experience on your own. Your study team will be your lifeline for support. With you helping your team and your team helping you, you can balance the demands of school with your career and personal life.

Just ask our alumni -- The Executive MBA program will create deep professional and personal relationships that will remain a valuable network for you throughout your career.