Tuition and fees for the cohort beginning fall 2015 are $97,000 - all inclusive of tuition, meals, accommodations during regular class sessions in Chicago and the immersion weekends in Champaign, airfare to China, a laptop computer, textbooks and other pedagogical materials. Compared to other Executive MBA programs where costs of lodging, travel, and equipment are tacked on throughout the program, our all-inclusive tuition ensures that you know the bottom line going in, and that you maximize your return on investment.

Weekend classes are demanding and as such, included in your tuition is lodging on all Friday evenings. We also offer a separate subsidized lodging plan for students who need or would like to utilize our official hotel for Thursday evenings preceding a class weekend. Because of our reliance on technology, also included in your tuition is a new laptop computer that you will keep upon successfully graduating from the Program. For a tuition checklist that has more detail, click here.

Tuition is normally billed in five equal installments while you are in the program. We will work with you to maximize the benefits that you may have from your employer. For those with less than full corporate support, please seek advice from us as you consider how to finance your education. We also offer a University-sponsored monthly payment option to finance at least a portion of your degree which can extend beyond graduation if you so choose.

Your background may make you eligible for specific scholarship programs supported either by the Program or by the State of Illinois. Additional scholarship opportunities are also available for those from certain backgrounds including healthcare and banking. Please contact the Program for more information on scholarships and financing options.